TM-3 Presentation Session Report


Presentation Session Report

Name: Fazar Sumarwan
NIM: 1022464265
Subject: Technology Informatics (Software Enginnering)
Title: Application design web-based student data values at Nusa Putra Senior High School Tangerang
Supervisor 1: Ahmad Sidik, S.Kom
Supervisor 2: Junaidi, M.Kom
Chief examiner: Padeli, M.Kom
Testers 1: Dedy Iskandar, S.Kom
Testers 2: Ahmad Sidik, S.Kom

1. Padeli, M.Kom:
a. Who assistant chief of Raharja? (participants do not know)
b. How to make a bibliography? follow the example of an existing
c. What is the function of UML? to create usecase and other systems

2. Dedy Iskandar, S.Kom:
a. Where the results of the report? no
b. Who the principal’s name? Mr. Tatang
c. Who the stake holder’s name? Mr. Heru

3. Ahmad Sidik, S.Kom:
Please connect the coding? (participants can not)

Participants do not understand the system he created, so that he could not answer many questions from the examiners.

Expectations of the future:
This as a learning session for me to face trial in order to answer the questions from the test well.

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